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True Health

In December of 2016 I was commissioned by True Health to create a marketing video to help fundraising efforts at their 40th Anniversary Gala named Ovation. When I started the project I knew very little about True Health and the incredible work that they're doing in the Central Florida community. I knew very little about the robust challenges that community health centers face on a day to day basis. What I did know was that I wanted to interview some of their patients, I needed to interview them because that was the only way that I could tell their story. These patients are low income, under or uninsured and admittedly I wasn't sure how they would interview. Would they be able to tell their story clearly? Would they actually have a compelling story to tell? What I found was incredible, and it effected me.

This was shot by me and my business partner John Taylor. John who is an incredibly talented film maker directed, shot the main camera and edited this side by side with me.

I produced, shot B camera and still photos and edited this project. We shot video on Canon 5d dslr cameras with a minimal light package as we needed to work within a specific budget. I am (we are) very proud of what we created.

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